Wednesday, 12 October 2016

We have all felt 'Trapped' at least once in our lives,but maybe we are our biggest enemy and only oppressor.

I'm trapped.
Trapped by my mistakes.
Nowhere to run.
Nowhere to hide.

Just console the man inside,
Man up!
Take the suffocation,
just like a man.
The 'Man',
expects you to be.

Never mind that I am a woman.

I am trapped,
in the prison.
The prison of all the things that are not 
my fault.

I am a lady.
Born a lady.

Of course,
it's my fault.

Shoulda just been man 
I ain't 'bout dat life.

I am a woman.
Not a wo'man'.
's that too hard to understand?

I am half of your world
start treating me as such.
I am beauty
start telling me 
the terms you use towards me 
should be 
There are not many things that I'm not.
but there is one...

Your labels.
Something I never was
And never will be.
Yes I am trapped.
I am not trapped in your words,
I am trapped,
In my freedom.