Friday, 12 December 2014

I know when you have had your heart previously blasted into oblivion it is harder than hard to trust anyone ever again, but if you give it a chance you might find what I did, the life changer the one who can turn the tables unbelievably, you might them like me be able to truthfully state 'He Is Different'

He is not like the others
he is different
he is not the love 'em and leave 'em type
he is different and he is mine
he's got the full package
at only one year more than I in age
he is smart
he has the rare beautiful heart
not even on the dartboard does he use a dart
he has got a gift
do you see what I mean when I say he is different?
He is different
he makes Life wrong
Life said...
'perfect people aren't real, and real people aren't perfect.'
He makes love right.
He gave it a definition
he is not your everyday jerk
he is perfect
he is different
he is perfectly different
he is differently perfect.
i found myself questioning
If ever it be possible for a boy to be beautiful
he makes it possible
he is beautiful
he makes the impossible possible
his is an angel
he is different

Sometimes you find yourself hating even if you never thought you could hate sometimes you find yourself questioning even though deep within you the answer to your enquiries- this piece is nameless

Never have I ever hated something,
but I hate this 
one year older just means burying yourself in responsibility 
I am stuck trying to find my number one priority
but it's hard,
nothing's easy when trust is a minority
your postcode
my postcode
tag our names they do
don't displace or danger will be after you
taking lives 
you are shooting for the sheer fun
Love, what have you done
taking away the bae 
I don't want hate to see another day
I think all of this in bed as I lay
what would you do if I hit the road N1?
The time has come for you to reap what you've sewn.
I have taken my time just to ensure you know you make a difference in this world
YOU knock the world up when it's feeling low
YOU are causing it's development on the go
don't destroy its' self-esteem
don't take a speck and make it extreme 
instead, help it.
With it work as a team
YOU can change the world 
but first you have to change your attitude 
school isn't against you,
it is there to educate you
now thinking about that.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

I have once again been hurt and I am to blame it is purely my 'fault'

promised I wouldn't subject myself to get hurt
This time the fault is all hers
The fault of the girl who in the mirror I see
That fault belongs to me
Tired of being pushed into the dirt
And hating being hurt
But the fault is all hers 
She decided to take things slow
Little did she know, 
She was killing me on the go
Causing pain through my body to flow
I am her
She is me
No-wonder her fucking up cost me his love
Of this split personality he had enough 
It is my fault 
I took on the pain 
And I am the only one to blame 
Now never will I see the smile of sunshine during day
It's too late 
Way too late 
To fix all that happened yesterday 
And I am to blame 
I added fuel to the fire and rage to the flame 
I was delusional thinking love was a game
And now it's driving me insane 
But it's my fault and I am to blame 

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

When you ask me how do you know you love him my lips refuse to let me tell you but thank-god I have found another way to comunicate this to all of you - my hands are doing the work and telling you, letting you know 'How I Know That This Is Love

What do you do when you make an unfixable mistake?
What do you say when you tare up the one you love?
How do you live knowing you are the reason behind your darling's pain?
These are questions I need to locate the answers to, because, the longer I search the more it will hurt me and the one I love.

It is not affordable to hurt him anymore than I already have, because I love him more than anyone can imagine. The fact is I love him so much that not even he knows how much he means to me, this is not because I don't want to tell him, because there is nothing I would rather do than make it clear to him. It's because I cant tell him, I can't tell him because, words are not enough to explain nor are they enough to describe my feelings and thoughts towards him.

This my friend is how I know I love him.
(His name shall be hidden to those who are unaware of it.)