Wednesday, 29 January 2014

This one goes out to all those girls who want a way to talk out to their partner and explain they don't want to be used--> this is dedicated to my bestfriend Sharmaine, love you sweetie x this ones called "Not a Play Doll"

You should know me better than to judge me like that,
for you owned my love before any other soul

I guess to you I am yet another play doll 
but unlike the rest I broke free of your control

That is why I am facing your hate day and night
with me you don’t want to see another man in your sight
who do think you are, no longer for your love will I fight
instead I will fly higher than kite
until once again I am out of your sight
my heart feather light 

like our deepest darkest night

For you I fell so fast
thinking life was a film and we were the cast
little did I know that joy wasn’t going to last
I am not a ship and you are not my mast
there is a time when we all need to forget our past

Drowned up in pain
I am still standing in the rain
despite you calling me crazy I know I am sane
but still I stand in the rain
now feeling like I have been slain
you are not fabric so dare you not call me a stain
if anything you can call me a crane
because I have and still do carry your pain

If I must be something other than me
in your eyes
I have no idea what you have made of me
but in mine
there is nothing I would rather be than me
but because you persist consistently
in calling me things that really have no reflection on what I’d be

if I must be something other than me
I’d be the sea
because the sea somewhat respected me
unlike you
that’s why the sea, you will never be

You flowed away with tide
causing the pain not to seek but to hide
love was once a seed before you stared and let me bleed
I still think only you can end my creed
in every dream 

 of mine you are always all I need
But remember I am not a play doll

and I have found a way to break free of your control