Thursday, 26 March 2015

Romeo and Juliet were not in love they were obsessed I know because I have come to realise the meaning of a 'True Romeo'

They were not in love 
they were obsessed 
of each other they couldn't get enough
with Romeo love was a diamond in the rough
he needed to keep it in
he needed to stay in the warmth of his bed and rest
love deserves the best of the best 
not someone who has death as an interest
being in love takes time 
Romeo was simply a lover of crime
to his name there was may a dime 
Juliet should have read the warning signs 
for a true Romeo, is ordinary
not an angel or a star
but a true Romeo you shall see from a far 
for his outer beauty may camouflage he
but his heart and love will never come to sabotage 
his hand he will always offer thee
before you can fully ask...
do you love...
he holds the rest- me 
a true Romeo you he shall protect 
not over every girl will his heart be hard to retract 
he was not the Romeo of a dream 
things aren't always what they seem
a true Romeo is honest 
a true Romeo has thy heart 
a true Romeo is my guy 
he is true because he is purely mine. 
Only mine!  

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Something's are just nobody's business like his name for instance so to you he has 'No Name'

He has a name
saying his name you be lame
so let's play a game
this game will drive you insane
like trying to set fire to the rain
nothing to lose but his name to gain
this will truly rack your brain
you may not know him but he knows you
because of him my favourite colour is blue
his name has one syllable not two
amazing even in hard times he pulls through
he belongs to me get your own he is not for you
he does have a name I promise
but it doesn't concern you- to you he has no name

Those eyes are a prison and his heart; the cell that refuses to let you escape but maybe I can't escape not because he won't let me, but because I don't want to. If only you could see what I see in his 'Eyes' then you would understand

we all have them
I think...
but his were a gift
the sky I see with my eyes
buried in the blue of his eyes
a restless ocean
a troubled sea
when I look in his that I do see
I know it's not just me
angels dancing
horses prancing
all in his eyes
they truly are entrancing
we may all have them
but none, a gift
none his
none heaven sent
none belonging to an angel
none belonging to a star
none you can visualise from afar
his do
he is my angel
he is my star
his- the only ocean blue sky-like eyes
everyone can see from afar
only he has those eyes

Never say never, there is always a chance of 'Forever'

I believed
forever should be never
now I know...
love should be forever and ever
the past I wish to sever
The truth is...
never should be forever
I wish I could tell you I still love you
or whatever
in ten years or whenever
I will with you be
whenever you need me
just wait and see
Forever should never be never
but never should never be never either
because never should never exist
never should forever be forever

Saturday, 21 March 2015

I didn't want to leave I hope you understand, it wasn't my desire I never thought I would find myself 'Leaving' those kids behind

I'm leaving
it's my last day
why can't time just stop and wait
wait for me because I am going to be late
these kids 
it is them as my own I truly love
of them I just can't get enough
I'm leaving
though, I don't want to leave,
I don't want to go
to time I want to say 'no'
but time is against me 
and today I'm leaving

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

This will change your perception on the definition of a sonnet, so just go don't 'Hold On'

Wait a minute 
hold on 
did yesterday you not say
you will love me until night replaces Day
until heaven with hell, together they lay
knowing they never will- will they?
By saying that you had vowed to stay
I only wish I could still call you bae 
hold up, hold on...
why am I still holding on?
Are you not gone? 
I was truly about you wrong
don't hold up, go, don't hold on
Don't hold up, don't hold on I going no I'm gone 

'New' beginnings are just the end of old endings and I hate them because when love is true between two there is no welcoming into it somebody 'New' and something so true won't allow for anything 'New' because true love stories never end so Mr. 'New' I hate you if *you* read this know I still love you

New me
new you 
this would happen this I knew 
our love was going to disappear into the blue
there would come a day when I could no longer see you
I would know sleepless nights this I knew 
I dread starting again
out with the old and in with the new 
new me 
new you
new black 
it's blue
nothing to look forward to
new bae 
new boo
old me 
please let it be the old you 
I would find myself begging this I knew 
when that fine line I drew 
this would happen this I knew 
loving black 
hating blue 
hating black 
loving blue 
though who cares I just miss you 
I love all things old
I hate all things new
dear Mr. New I truly and unconditionally hate you

Going 'Back' has made me realise how lucky I am to have what I have it took me throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock to then look 'Back' and realise I am fine this way

I am back
back here
back in time 
back to waiting in the line 
sent back- honestly it's fine 
being sent back to my youthful time 

I am back
back to the innocent old me
back to being the old me 
back to years previous to my current life 
back to not knowing the definition of strife

I am back
and from that life I want to be given the sack
I hate knowing it is confidence I lack
I want to come back
crawl back
sprint back 
swim back
and at the end of all that I might... take a nap

It is the flashbacks and memories of the past giving me a slap
and to my current life making me want to come 

You may not remember; but I do. You may not see things that way; but I do. You may not believe. You may refuse to believe; but I do. I do because it has happened to me and it controls me more than you may think... why do you think my luck hides behind love and my love forever hibernates in a dark box that is always locked; 'Shut' to you and everything else?

Do you remember?
The door I swore I would never shut 
that was before it all went up in flames 
that was before they labelled  us by names 
that was before they falsely named me a slut
now that door I always shut 

Do you remember?
the window they broke and I later fixed 
when I swore once and for all I would leave it unlocked 
that was before they shot me and left me shocked 
when it's glass out they knocked 

Do you believe? 
I hate that we have not tied the knot 
there are days when I want to die and rot 
most of the time I want to get shot 

Now do you see why?
Why I deem myself out of luck
why my life really does suck
why in quicksand I am forever stuck 
why my window I will always latch
why my  door I will always shut 

my heart will remain shut
my eyes, to pain are shut
and will forever be shut 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Turn around to see the truth behind the mask I so tightly hold to my face please just one last time 'Turn Around'

Turn around it's a lie
turn your head so you don't watch me die
turn around for too long you've been stuck on the dark side
turn up, you don't have to hide
turn yourself in, let your punishment love decide
too late it will never be
broke your heart,did she?
wake up, turn around to see she is not me
give that one precious chance to me
you will see
you heart broken it will never again be
I know, I feel your pain, before my heart was broken by he
but God the light he helped me see
turn around to find me
to feel you I am demanding
watching my heart expanding
turn around
to my ears your heartbeat is the sound
to my see you are the land
to my arm you are the hand
to my eyes you are the sight
to my feather you are the weight: light
so for the last time
Turn around
Please turn around
let your eyes me they see
let your heart take the lead
let us together be
turn around I am not she
turn around

Most of us have secrets we have trouble concealing and some kill us softly and slowly from deep within. This is 'The Secret' that tears me apart every time I think about it.

I kept it a secret
but it came out
leaving me hurt and trust in doubt
so wrapped up in that little game
love was proved to be a pain
and is now driving me insane
words are not enough to explain
left with close to none
it is all gone
I am going
I am going nowhere fast
I am still here
but I am going crazy
they don't understand
they cannot understand
because they live outside our land
but the truth is life without him I can't stand
now from my heart love is banned
it was like falling from a height and crying to land
love is drowning in reality's quick sand
with darkness lurching around every bend
and the letters my heart refuses to send
this could very well be the end
to once again hurt I do not intend

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Some people decide to look at my current life and think it has always been perfect but they couldn't be more wrong, there have been times when I have cried, there have been times when I died only to come back to life and face the pain all over again. I may be exultant now but- one first has to cry to smile- one has to loose a diamond and pick up a potato to learn a lesson and fill with enough regret not to let it happen again... I know exactly how it feels to be on the other side.

Okay,so we are torn apart 
promises are shattered
and I am still in your heart
I think you need to take your leave 
after all we have been through, this is goodbye
I will look back and laugh while you cry
My feelings towards you I cannot deny
I want you to keel over and die 
No, I am no-longer peace's dove 
I use to believe now all I say is...
Scrap love