Saturday, 28 December 2013

Blame the lover boy

Hey lover boy what have you done to her, 
You know, the girl that use to be me,
The one that I use to be,
The one you see 
When you look at the girl who yours she use to be
Where now is she 
For I am no longer she 
Time has changed me 
She left because you wouldn’t let her be 
There is no longer you and me
You should have let her be 
Because there is nothing left to see
What makes her so much better than me
What makes her your every dream and fantasy

Sunday, 22 December 2013

We don't "need" to but we still do

I don't need to care about you 
but I do
I don't need to love you
but I do
I don't need to stay 
but I do
that's the same for you
you don't need to hurt me 
but you do
you don't need to talk about me that way 
but you do
you don't need to say those things
but you do
you don't need to hate me
but you do
you don't need to cheat
but you do
you don't need to hear me cry 
but you do 
you don't need watch me die 
but you still do
let me tell you:
It hurts. 
And you obviously don't have a clue
I guess that's just you.
as for me I am going to be everything I ever wanted to be.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Okay we are *all* strong up to the point where we get cheated on this one is called 'Break Down'

Break down
I never thought you'd see me break down...

Now I am crying on the cold hard floor having a melt down
melt down
melt down
melt down is what you have caused heartache, loneliness and misery

I am having a melt down on the floor
because you are not with me any more
so now I am feeling like a pop sickle

let me melt down
oh just let me melt down
because I am at a civil war the love
that I owned once before

I am having a melt down on the floor because you are not mine any more
without you its just not the same I don't feel like the girl I use to be any more
now I need to ask my self....why did you walk out the door?

Hospital couldn't hold me in at my escape I once again saw your face
I dropped to my knees on the concrete floor
that's the night when I truly burnt down
couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't breathe
because you made me break down

This is for those who when asked what they see in their lovers face begin to struggle this one is called 'That is why I see heaven in your face'

I will sit, I will cry
Because I never meant to let you hear a lie
For you, I will bleed 'till I die
Though I never want to see you cry
You will live all your life
NO I won't let you end it with a knife
I will swim I will dive
No matter how deep I promise even if the cost is my life
I will pull you out alive
Because to me you are too precious to die
You are too precious to die
You are too precious to die
In bed I lie hoping that if I should die
I would do so with you by my side
No matter what people say the truth is...
You are the reason I wake up day by day
Only because I need to see you face touch your grace to feel your embrace
Because I am the trainer but with out you I have no lace
I am the trainer so you are the lace
God set my heaven on your beautiful face
That is why I see heaven in your face

This is the only way to explain how much you miss them

Missing you always even though the day for me always sets upon your face
I arise with the sound of your name
loving your embrace and aching to feel your steaming hot grace
on my tongue there still remains your sweet love of a taste
I am still missing you always.
please don't ever offer to give me so much space
because that is not what I want and definitely not what I need
all I need is you that is what will end my otherwise ever lasting creed
I want you to know I am missing you always

This one is for all of those who are unsure how to explain/ express your feelings 'how I really feel about you'

Closer to home each time
Only because you are there
Then you leave its gone again
I don't like it any more than you do

I am done crying so I say no more
And then you lead me to the door
You cause me to break the law
Its not only your life its ours alone

You throw it all away and try
Just try and pretend we were okay
You know all the sacrifices and all the shit
But still you chose to turn your back

Hurt me and then watch me cry
Tear apart inside and you don't seem to mind
You didn't see the ways I cried and died for you
But this is why I love you

I will love you no matter what I do
That's how I really feel about you.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The importance of relationships

I think self relationship is the most important relationship you can learn to develop, because what people think of you depends on what you think of yourself, not the other way round. Life isn’t always easy, let’s face it, people aren't always going to be on your side, in actual fact some people want to see you cash and burn. You need to stand strong. You need to show them you will not be beat, all that is needed is a little self confidence.
Having a friend means having someone by your side through better or through the worst of moments in time. Friends make us who we are. The saying “you are the company you keep” means that to know someone to be able to even begin  to know them you must first look at his/ her friends this is why when having egotistical self-centered friends you become exactly that. Having said that friends help you through the toughest times and will push you to the limit making sure no star is out of reach in order to see you happy the will go out of their way to help you achieve you deepest desire. Friends are not always the ones you stay up all night on the phone to off course unless one of you is under stress or depression then that is different.
Romantic Relationship

Love isn't always the easiest thing to find, but once it is found be sure to never let it go because ‘everyone needs love even those you claim they despise it crave it secretly because they are unable to grasp it as their own’ don’t be fooled he/she might be your friend or a complete Stranger, at first but love can often come across as blind because you don’t actually know you are in love or falling in love for that matter until it’s too late to back away or even think of backing away. Some say “love makes the world go round” others say “love hurts”, “love is a verb”  a little more than a few believe “ love is a friendship set on fire” the definition of love has confused and perplexed the human mind for centuries because it is possibly the only ‘thing’ with no official meaning. Different personalities acquire different adaptation methods, especially when it comes to love (eg: some express affection by kissing some hug and some express love through sexual and seductive methods) though it has no official meaning there is one thing which sets it apart from anything else and that is: once found it can never be lost again thats when you know its love if you feel you cannot ever never let go of the ‘love of your life’ this is why the words I LOVE YOU shouldn’t be said unless they are meant from deep within the heart because they will never trust anyone again could end up harming their selves and destroying their lives, they shouldn’t have to lose their lives to show you what you meant to them the key concept in love is trust because you cannot always trust the person you love but... you can always  love the one you trust.

Another year 6 short saga by me- once more apologies for the lower standard but I was four years younger

Suddenly Cassandra heard a noise. She turned around, only to find that behind her was a chilling graveyard. Aaagh! She screamed as two bony hands shot out and grabbed her. Within a second, she found herself in rotting skulls and decomposing bones.

What happens next is all in your mind...

My Living Nightmare (I was in year 6 when I wrote this so sorry if it is not up to my usual standards)

Me and my brother had slept alone for the first time in the new flat. We lived on the top floor of the building (the 13th floor).

Mum and dad had gone out to meet Lee, my dad’s soon to be new boss. I decided to put William to sleep early that night so that I could have a peaceful night chatting to my friend and watching television without having to change the channel because something inappropriate came on the TV.

Almost immediately after he shut his eyes, I sat down on my inflatable sofa and watched a movie called 'VENDREDI 13' (Friday the 13th) when all of a sudden I felt an arctic breeze biting my skin like a hell hound.

I slowly turned around but nothing was there. I was sure that I had latched the door and sealed all the windows before double checking. It felt as if someone had been breathing icy cold blasts on my neck. Before I could get to my feet, the lights started to flicker. Once, twice... then darkness roamed the room. I heard a soft voice whispering... "good now we can begin..."

Princess May Primary School my class mates and me year 6

Thursday, 14 November 2013

I am not Eminem or Rihanna and believe me I am glad this one is for everyone who is wondering if a destructive relationship is worth going back to believe me its not I should know- I love you all I dont want to see or hear about another Rihanna and Chris Brown case with one of you lot I love you too much xxxx

I aint comin' back

He left me lying in the gutter with nothing to say
He left me lying in the gutter with nothing to say
aint no use trying to walk away

You come back come back come back to me
yeah,You come back come back come back to me
I know we are both gonna be there at the end of the day

Say you don’t wanna see me getting hurt
you say you don’t wanna see me getting hurt
but its you who pushed me right into the dirt

Ya left me lying in the gutter with nothing to say
Ya left me lying in the gutter with nothing to say
but you knew I weren't gonna walk away

baby let just say it's all it's all it's all gonna change today
I aint comin back
neva neva eva again
I aint coming back again

for the last time 
*whisper* goodbye baby

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

This is for all the couples who are still in love eventhough they have broken up know that your ex willl always love you, miss you and want you no matter what happens between you and how bad the break up was

Dear Reader,

If you are reading this, then you must be either a teen facing issues adolescent life or perhaps you are an adult living in Love's hardship. Let me tell you, you're not alone. All over the world people are becoming heart broken, every second a girls dream get shattered and a boy is left soulless, heartless, sometimes lifeless and the blame is set on love.

I have been through your pain and let me reassure you, it will get better, it can only get better. Your heart will mend. This, although it feels like it, it is not the end, both of your hearts will someday mend. Maybe it was not meant to be but I can tell you it is not the end. There is someone out there who does deserve you and will cherish what you have between you two.

Did you say it was over but never wanted it to end, and now it's hard for you to be just friends? Do you feel as if your life because of that little mistake is at its end ? Let me tell you this, whether it's you who did the dumping or whether you got dumped the pair of you most likely feel the same.

You both feel like you were to blame, you miss him/her, you feel like you are torn apart and no-one apart from him/her can mend you heart, you love them but it's too late to say and now you are sending messages through your friends. Let me make this clear he/ she does not want to make the first move, that's all. They don't hate you and if something was to happen to you they would probably give up their lives to save you. Don't be afraid to give them you heart one more time and then at least if it breaks you will rest knowing it was worth the pain because it shattered for love and nothing else.

Its not pretty loving someone and not showing them, keeping it in to please someone who doesn't mean nearly as much to you as they do yet you took there advise and because of them you are now dying inside- that's what happened to me I lost everything I ever had to live for the love of my life walked out the door and i was left crying on my bedroom floor. My birthday is tomorrow and my only wish is that he can forgive me and we once again will be happy together and the truth is I am soulfully sorry for everything that has occurred and its not that I don't want to make the first move it's that I  am finding it difficult because of my parents who have created this flaw in our love causing me and him to be unhappy. I do miss him and without him never again will I grimace in happiness because I won't be joyful.

If he reads this I want him to know I will never feel differently about him. I will today forever and always miss him.

Tina Cassandra M.

Everyone desurves to be loved so be the one giving love before taking because my mistake cost me his love. In love everyone is equil and the same.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

This is for all the females and males who are in either an abusive of a destructive relationship- if its true love there should not be those unbreakable flaws

Deep promise-by you

Give me all I want, that’s what you said you’d do

now just feels like I am coming back to you 

coz I’m stuck to you like glue.

Sober is what I’d be if you were still wit’ me

but now you’re watchin’ me bleed

and laughin’ da way down to your knees

Deep promises you gave then you broke dem all away 

but don’t worry about me coz I’m getting stronger

day by day

 Pryin’ it would fade those deep promises by you

and you’ve had enough so you wanna play it rough

Well, have I got news for you, boy I give my ride tough

So if you wanna play rough be prepared for a tough ride

coz I am binging in da tide and I know it will make you cry

so be prepared

You break your promise deep the promise made by you

so be prepared coz you will get back your mercy

the mercy that you showed me

Sober is what I’d be if you were still wit’ me

but now you’re watchin’ me bleed

and laughin’ da way down to your knees

Deep promises you gave then you broke dem all away 

but don’t worry about me coz I’m getting stronger

day by day

Coz I won’t take no more pain no excuse can give and gain
you have choose to play I will now warn you that
I play rough my rides are tough and you will lose 
what eva you choose.

not even your deep promises can help you through

the pain you have caused has left me with nothing
else to do.

You will pay the price for the breaking of your

deep promises… 

deep promises… 
deep, deep promises.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

This is for all of you who feel unwanted just remember to stay strong if you find yourself standing alone

no use/ enough

They don’t want me you don’t need me 
I don’t think anyone can hear me screaming
help is the reason i am begging 
coz without you, you'll all see me dying
I have had enough of all the lying 
I have had enough of all the pain
this is enough 
I've had enough

I am about to go insane 
as a heroine my job was to save 
I never dreamed that I will be the one 
who one day is in need of saving
All my life I’ve been slaving

for what…
Nothing at all

There is no use in trying 
coz all I am gonna be confronted with is lying 
I can’t change the past

There is nothing wrong with me for that

Can’t change the past can’t go back in time 
the future is already planned out for us so 
there aint no use in tryin.

They don’t want me you don’t need me 
I don’t think anyone can hear me screaming
help is the reason i am begging 
coz without you, you'll all see me dying
I have had enough of all the lying
I have had enough of all the pain 
this is enough 

I've had enough

Can’t change da past can’t go back in time 
da future is already planned out for us so 
der aint no use in tryin.

Friday, 14 June 2013

This song is called 'last night'- one of my favorite hand written songs because it holds so much depth

Last night

Last night with only you on my mind
thinking I'd rather go blind
than to see you walk away from me
like that...
The way they say you would
Hurt me.

If anything should happen I would
End my life to let you know,
How much you mean to me right now.

And love inst a thorn to be let go
Its time for me to let you know
I'm not gonna let you go
Just like a present's wrapped with a
I'll never let you go.

I remember when you stood there in the snow.
You were shivering in the freezing cold.
I wrapped my tracksuit round your hands
And my arms around your shoulders
Said I will always be your girl
Said it will be okay.

In my dreams I still go back to that day
but last night is a night I'll never forget...

This one is for anyone who is having trouble describing their (dare I say) undying love for your lover this one is called 'All About You' ... this one's for you.

All About You

Your joy puts smiles on a million faces.
Your laugh sends me to a dozen places.
Your words are the worlds laces.

Your touch is the earths surface.
Your kiss is the heavens above falling to earth 
Your eyes set beauty on everything in sight 

And any pain brought along I can guarantee
you are worth it  
Yes you heard it you are worth everything to me.
And for you alone i will bleed.

All the tears I have hidden 
They all thought I was kiddin'
Little did they know i meant business
when it came to you and me.

Better than any fairy-tale you find in Disney
the first sight of you it made me crazy
After kissing you I can guarantee we both felt dizzy 
it wasn't just me you couldn't rise to your feet.

Its all about you 
My universe revolves around you 
Its all about you

*** This is what I really think of you***

I dedicate this one to the one who has helped me see the true beauty of the world- this one's for you

The Player

You got the heart of a player 
And the soul of a winner,
I have the eyes of a loser 
And i cant play these games anymore
(because i will lose)

Your game will probably bring tears 
And  I will cry in your arms 
Ask you for your name and your number 

And you will tell me your name knowing mine 
as well.
But hey, that's just love and I'm in love with you
and you alone.

Your eyes look like crystals glistening in the ..
night sky.
Your skin is so tender 
And your hair looks so scruffy in a beautiful way.

And you are mine I know you are...
Just believe i'm yours as well 
For today and the rest of my life 
(I vow)
I will never leave your side.

***This is because  i love you and i am not scared to tell the whole world, so this is proof when ever that feeling creeps back into action all you have to do is remember i am by your side for life and that you have my heart.***

This one is for all of those who are being blamed for their man's/ girls mistakes- by your little singing/ song-writing queen/ his foxy Cassy (Tina)

Don't Blame Me
Verse 1
Don’t blame me for your
Coz I swear
if you weren't happy
There was no need to cheat
All you had to do was leave the
 door was open, it won’t
Close until you go

It’s not my fault it had to end
I never wanted it to begin
And when it did it fell out
Of my hands so painfully
Coz i wasn't expecting you to
Leave... x2

Verse 2:
Why do you always have to assume
It’s me.
The  one with the problem
 Seeing  nothing but the negative
Side of you.

Verse 3:
Have you ever for a second thought in
your mind
What i feel might be true

Till you leave my life
You’ll never see me smile again
causing me more pain
you’re  not taking it away

It’s not my fault it had to end
I never wanted it to begin
And when it did it fell out
Of my hands so painfully
Coz i wasn't expecting you to
Leave... x2

Till you leave my life
You’ll never see me smile again
causing me more pain
you’re  not taking it away


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