Friday, 14 June 2013

This one is for anyone who is having trouble describing their (dare I say) undying love for your lover this one is called 'All About You' ... this one's for you.

All About You

Your joy puts smiles on a million faces.
Your laugh sends me to a dozen places.
Your words are the worlds laces.

Your touch is the earths surface.
Your kiss is the heavens above falling to earth 
Your eyes set beauty on everything in sight 

And any pain brought along I can guarantee
you are worth it  
Yes you heard it you are worth everything to me.
And for you alone i will bleed.

All the tears I have hidden 
They all thought I was kiddin'
Little did they know i meant business
when it came to you and me.

Better than any fairy-tale you find in Disney
the first sight of you it made me crazy
After kissing you I can guarantee we both felt dizzy 
it wasn't just me you couldn't rise to your feet.

Its all about you 
My universe revolves around you 
Its all about you

*** This is what I really think of you***

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