Friday, 14 June 2013

I dedicate this one to the one who has helped me see the true beauty of the world- this one's for you

The Player

You got the heart of a player 
And the soul of a winner,
I have the eyes of a loser 
And i cant play these games anymore
(because i will lose)

Your game will probably bring tears 
And  I will cry in your arms 
Ask you for your name and your number 

And you will tell me your name knowing mine 
as well.
But hey, that's just love and I'm in love with you
and you alone.

Your eyes look like crystals glistening in the ..
night sky.
Your skin is so tender 
And your hair looks so scruffy in a beautiful way.

And you are mine I know you are...
Just believe i'm yours as well 
For today and the rest of my life 
(I vow)
I will never leave your side.

***This is because  i love you and i am not scared to tell the whole world, so this is proof when ever that feeling creeps back into action all you have to do is remember i am by your side for life and that you have my heart.***

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