Saturday, 13 January 2018

I hate to break it to you, but perfection is all in your 'Imagination', life prides itself on its imperfections, this world is imperfect and that is what makes it so called perfect

You may never know how it feels 

Imagine this,
You are in your bathroom 
Light some candles
Gently place them on the edge of the bathtub
Fill the tub 
Warm water and bubbles 
Turn on the AC 
Light breeze 

Now relax.

Candles die
Tub begins to empty without your permission 
Bubbles gone
You are cold 
AC on
Cold air

Now sit there...

Feeling it yet?
In need of answers 
Needing the truth
Tired of make belief

Too good to be true.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The anticipation that follows the trail of words you have let escape your mind and heart is enough to kill waiting for the recipient's 'Reply'

Heart beating at 90 miles per hour
It’s the inner me you’ve began to devour 

Checking my notifications 
It may not have been in your intentions 

Confusion is eating me alive 
Too soon is it for me to dive? 

Please someone stop time- stop the clock

But for a challenge I am prepared 

I need to know where I stand 
Twenty-five past midnight, phone in hand 

The anticipation is killing me 
Whatever the outcome, I just want you to be happy 

Loving you feels like suicide 
Terrified, I’m waiting here for your reply

Friday, 5 January 2018

I wish you nothing but happiness and blessing because it was thanks to you that I have found 'Safety'

Could your standards have been any lower?
I know mine couldn’t have

I mean, out of all the possibilities 
I chose you

To hold my hand 

To warm my heart

J’ai donné la permission pour toi to stand behind me (note: not beside me)
I didn’t mind- thought I had ya

You wanted her

When everyone told me to leave;
the road was winking at me-
took no notice 

By the lust I called love I was blinded

Chosen you were, when 
ya push me off a cliff and watched me fall 

When by your hands I was stabbed; left to die 
Stupid me myself and I 
came back to you 
You were all my heart knew 

I love you meant nothing 
Only nothing was something 

Something has the ability to break 
Something triggers emotion 
And causes pain 

Nothing is something
But something is everything 
Was everything- to me 

Me and me
Alone evidently 

J’ai te choisir 
But you chose her

And who was she?
The girl who once wanted to be me 

My best friend 
My darling 
My baby 

Thank you for leading me to safety 

Friday, 10 March 2017

People often take love for granted. Cheating on and lying to the man/woman they claim to "love" but love is shared between two and isn't a three way triangle. Eventually one or both will run and you will be left with 'Just You'

Had two.
Had him.
Had you.
Had comfort when hurt.
Had cleanliness when pushed into dirt.
Had two.
When fighting with him had you.
Gone now him.
Have now only you.
Have no we.
No us.
No two.
No me-no him.
Just you. 

Friday, 24 February 2017

Been hurt too many times by pathetic lies and cowardly actions- the time has come for me to say 'Goodbye'

I’m not the letters in my name
I am not a snake or a ladder
a game, you seem to think of me,
let love beat and hate heat.
That I could and would never be
I’m sorry if with you I forgot the meaning of ‘happy’
but another plan for us has destiny
one where you be you
and I be me
one where each other never again we see
one where the grass is healthy and beautifully green

The future holds a golden land in the centre of its palm
a land in which smiles are an individual grain of sand
you made your bed now without me lay in it missing the tracing of my thumb
me myself and I
my ring is on my hand
I am the lead singer in my band
you, a gradual of sand
no matter to me

Don’t you worry no longer will you hurt me
no longer will I be in sight
I’m not seeing the light of tomorrow in your eyes
I’m gone tonight
I loved you
hope you enjoyed hurting me
my weakness
I have found my strength in the pain

Thursday, 17 November 2016

You hurt me, but 'I'll Pray For You' I don't hate you I just regret the path I took with you. Buena suerte

I’m torn,
between two,
mi cariño y tu
you hurt me, 
I loved the man you could never be. 
And now, 
me está matando.
usted me está matando. 
Fui una estupida, 
I believed you. 
Usted es un mentiroso.
I listened to your lies, 
Te amo- 
your biggest lie.
Me rindo contigo,
Buena suerte!
Espero que te haga feliz. 
Se acabó.
I’m moving on 
and you should too.
Que Dios te bendiga.
Que Dios esté contigo.
I’ll pray for you.