Monday, 7 May 2018

The 'Day' is made up of nothing but time and funny enough so is life but for the one you claim to love you don't have time.

60 seconds in a minute
60 minutes in an hour
seconds- your hour

0 invested
for a while, it was accepted
24 hours- my day
that’s 86,400 seconds
coming your way
In a week 7 days
yet you ‘have no time’
you continue to say
But you ‘put in the effort’
strange, I’m not a part of your day

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The only way to know if something is really yours is to let it go. Give it 'Distance and Time'. If it comes back it's yours. Keep it, cherish it and never lose it. If not then it never was.

If space is what you need
tell me
and I’ll let you be
the best policy

An inch you already have
a mile you can take
but ten, ten means a break

Although say it, I no longer do
when apart
deep within all hell, breaks loose

Killing me you are
its sad, strange and
all of the above
where once you were my star

Now we live separate lives apart
despite your residence
in the centre of my heart

We’re drifting
dropping when we are meant to be lifting
dying where all else is living

This needs time
that’s not a crime
it just means the past was a waste of mine

But you know what?
It’s fine.
Maybe my feelings crossed the line.

So on a silver platter I’m serving you 
distance and time.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Some see love as a blessing. Sins they say there are seven. Here is something to think about though... What if they are oblivious to love's real definition being 'The Eighth Deadly Sin'?

Constantly living in fear
Not prepared to lose
The one I hold to my heart so near

Trying so desperately
To silence the thoughts
Voices in my mind
Telling me
“Walk away”
“it’s okay”
“Leave it all behind”

I don’t want to hear it
Silencing the footsteps toward the door
Blanking the vision of a life with him no more

They were wrong
deadly sins- they say there are seven
What about that which deceives you
Making you believe you are in heaven?

What about the one that builds you up
Only to know you back down
Lights your flame
Only to drown you out
Makes you believe
Only to then deceive

What about the eighth guest
On the devil’s party list
The one after the seven deadly sins

The plus one
The date
The one who tells you
Sorry I’m running late
Only to not turn up after letting you wait

What about love?
Deadly sin number eight.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The world presents you with things and leaves it all open to interpretation, 'Definition' is something we create.



Eyes you lose yourself in
living in the here and now
forgetting where you’ve been

The experience of the sweetest
summer air in the winter

That warm embrace
beats empty sheets any day

That laugh,
enough to turn a nation

The fire
that silently burns softly
sleeping soundly deep within

The way the lips form words
and words settle into sentences

The look
a gaze at the dawning of day
at a sleeping lover

That whisper when sound
is inappropriate

That kiss
enough to melt the snow

A baby’s first breath
the smile on a mother’s face

The tears of a bride
as from her parents she separates

And then there’s

If it withstands all obstacles and makes you feel like together you can conquer the world. If you struggle to find the words to explain how you feel because it's far too beautiful to be explained. That's love, and this love is 'Ours'

This love is, mine. His.

This life: ours.
Our home: the sky you see from afar
and us: the stars

The look in our eyes
the unfortunate
but thanks to you guaranteed goodbyes

So understand
the respect I put in your hand
if in the way of us, you stand

re-transfer the respect back into my hand.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Secrets may make you but if left buried may also destroy their very own creation... You! It was time for him to 'Tell Me'.

He’s keeping something
that I know
he hesitates not, to reveal
there is something he can’t yet to me reveal

But what?
His voice resonates

over again in my thoughts…
vivid memories now consumed
by the fearful thoughts of what he has to say

Does he not feel the same way?
Please, say something
anything just don’t let that be the case.

In such a short amount of time
despite my phobia of heights,
the highest mountains with him I feel capable to climb

He doesn’t want to tell me
desperate times call for…

Reverse psycholog-

Oh wait no need, 
In his eyes guilt and fear; I never thought I’d see 

Just before, he turns his head
facing me

‘I completely understand if         
after this you don’t want to talk to me’

Please don’t,
is this the end
the destiny written in the stars for me
I don’t think he realises how much he is scaring me

Say something
get it over and done with already

I feel it coming
my face going pale
in the distance I see this ship setting sail

My strength is becoming weak
my knee caps, comfort from the ground they seek
Okay girl,

Calm down

He has 'a son'?

Thank the infernal gods
your mind has slightly loose cogs.

What do you expect? He drives me up the wall-


Sometimes it is disregarded and swept under the rug, the true hapiness that love could bring and the beauty that befalls a person when they are able to put the I in 'You and I'

It's now something they
even need

The oxygen for lungs to breathe

Something they itch to, but can comprehend.
'what do you mean
you get back the love you spend'

The response: Oxygen to their collapsed lung- URGENT

The secret:
Simply, you and I,
the fading desire to cry and
no longer about happiness, a need to lie

They don't know... Never will
it will rest with us until we die.
You and I.