Monday, 19 February 2018

There comes a point in life when the past needs to be left to rest and and moving on is for the best. At that point dont look back, let those memories 'Hit The Sack'

Why look back?
She’s gone.
Hit the sack.
Your voice;
no longer the melody to her song.
From you she has moved on.
It’s now their hearts, beating in synchrony.
It’s he who is her perfect symphony;
and his; the eyes that have her in captivity.
She hates you.
There’s nothing now, that you can do.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Of all the feelings in existance, it is 'Jealousy' which kills all hope and desire.

consumes me
every time I hear ‘she’
Still you think of her.

I love you
but, where does your past leave me? 
Memories that with her you share,
those you still remember
from when I, wasn’t there
Determined you say you are
to close and latch the entrance to your heart
You say that;
but, from the graveyard of your past
day by day, from the dead, you bring her back
No matter what you say,
you miss her everyday
Evidently she occupies your heart
Best wishes even if because of her we part.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

This is dedicated to someone very special- who even in my darkest time has been able to lighten up my mood and find accommodation in my ‘Heart and Mind’

Laying in a hospital bed
Rather be with you instead 
Thoughts of you forever in my head 

To see but not you I would rather go blind 
Memories of you I can never leave behind
You live in the home I’ve built for you in my mind

Now that we are apart
Stronger is the connection between you and my heart
In this time of darkness- my star

Laying in a hospital bed
The one thing constantly in my head 

You are

Monday, 29 January 2018

True rage is one which is triggered by the danger or possible loss or harm of someone near and dear. At any point, I am ready so 'Bring it on'

Text received
danger it reads
Don’t come
until the coast is clear
In saying that-
two seconds I will be near
Sit back I will not
my rage not even through my reply will you spot
Fire behind my eyes
within my heart an unimaginable scorn
Ready I am
Bring it on

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Hiding a secret may have previously been effortless, however when she can read your every move it becomes easier to just 'Tell Her'

Mind screams
Heart fears losing her.

Of her
a clouded judgement resides deep within

The woman she claims to be-
is that she?
I don’t want her to leave 

Too many times
exposure was a path way to loneliness
my heart aches to keep her

so I can’t tell her 

Not now

That face
fills me with hope
but frightens me also

Her words strike me
but her nature- my pacifier 

Tell her
Don’t tell her
Tell her

Don’t tell her
Oh god… once again
here it comes-

‘I made a mistake’

What are you doing?
Is that what you want?

‘and I still have to live with it’ 

she is going to hate you.

‘I completely understand if
after this you don’t want to talk to me’

You are scaring her.
She’s gone pale now!
Change the subject!
Tell her you are joking!
Something… Anything
Just don’t tell her

‘I have a son’

Saturday, 13 January 2018

I hate to break it to you, but perfection is all in your 'Imagination', life prides itself on its imperfections, this world is imperfect and that is what makes it so called perfect

You may never know how it feels 

Imagine this,
You are in your bathroom 
Light some candles
Gently place them on the edge of the bathtub
Fill the tub 
Warm water and bubbles 
Turn on the AC 
Light breeze 

Now relax.

Candles die
Tub begins to empty without your permission 
Bubbles gone
You are cold 
AC on
Cold air

Now sit there...

Feeling it yet?
In need of answers 
Needing the truth
Tired of make belief

Too good to be true.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The anticipation that follows the trail of words you have let escape your mind and heart is enough to kill waiting for the recipient's 'Reply'

Heart beating at 90 miles per hour
It’s the inner me you’ve began to devour 

Checking my notifications 
It may not have been in your intentions 

Confusion is eating me alive 
Too soon is it for me to dive? 

Please someone stop time- stop the clock

But for a challenge I am prepared 

I need to know where I stand 
Twenty-five past midnight, phone in hand 

The anticipation is killing me 
Whatever the outcome, I just want you to be happy 

Loving you feels like suicide 
Terrified, I’m waiting here for your reply