Sunday, 18 May 2014

Though I am not deaf, dumb nor am I blind I salute those who are as their life isn't anything like you may think I have been given the gift of open mindedness and warm- heartedness towards them I only hope you receive the same most gracious and beautiful gift sent from the heavens by the very god that put us on this earth- The Dumb The Deaf and The Blind

You can say what you please, 
because to your words I am deaf. 
No matter how much you torture me,
never can I tell, 
and even if I could,  
never would I tell you what you need, 
as to your enquiries I am dumb. 
You can act out what you please 
I am to you actions blind,
I cannot see.
You can slam my head into the dirt 
for my dignity I don't mind getting hurt.
You can laugh at me,
if you think a clown is what I am trying to be.
But the truth is, 
I have no choice. 
I simply cannot see.
I cannot see.
 I see the most beautiful things,
I see things but invisible to the sight of one’s eye.
I have no voice.
I am dumb.
I cannot speak.
Yet with nothing more than the voice inside me,
 I sing the sweetest songs. 
Though my voice cannot be heard,
with one note produced by my inner vocal cords
The crowd begins to roar.
I cannot hear yet I hear the melody in music,
I hear the tenderness of one’s voice
I hear the innocence in one’s heart and soul
as it screams out to me
I cannot hear.
But I know when I am welcome
the world tells me where I belong.
I may have physical instabilities,   
but never will I ever do you wrong
Like anyone other than I, 
In the morning don’t I arise?
Unlike most I can only love,
I don’t know how to despise.
So my heart is continuously increasing inside.
God loves the dumb
God loves the deaf
God loves the blind
And I am dumb, deaf and blind 

Friday, 16 May 2014

I can hope life treats you well, I can wish for your life to be sweet but that doesn't mean it's going to happen and it won't happen unless and until you change the world will be bitter towards you 'providing you don't change (someday)'

I am about to crash and I don't know where to land. 
I don't.
There is no-one there to lean on.
Thought comes into my head of you
you know what I am talking 'bout
the day I saw you there with her 
do you remember the excuse you used?
Ma heart broke and I am standing in the blue 
fading back to black, that's all I knew
breaking out of our world without you
I am,
built up;
and I have you to thank.
I owe it all to you 
in everything I do 
I need to take a stand 
from your grasp I need to release my hand 
and let you know when...
let you know when enough's enough
'cause I'm a diamond 
 I'm a diamond 
yeah I'm a diamond  in the rough
I can't believe how blind I've been
now trying to look back at everything
everything my heart rubbed out 
rubbed out of the scene of reality 
It's going to happen to you someday
providing you don't change 
If you don't change 
it's going to happen to you
providing you don't change 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Have you ever wondered why where ever you go you always hear the same thing being associated with pain well here is your answer and I advise you to read this carfully and give it some thought as it is forocious but 100% true - his name is hidden

He bathes in the blood we shed 
Stepping in to the dreams of those in bed
Twisting the thoughts in every little head 
Until everyone becomes an enemy and you want them dead
At his approach the very ground on which we stand begins to quake 
Every tree with in miles uproots itself in an attempt to escape
this is not something you record on a video tape
Shattering women's hearts
Disfiguring peace with his merciless darts 
And dismantling our bodies like two lovers broken hearts
He feeds on our terror 
To all bad things he is the bearer
don't trust you were told by your carer
He is there to damage your future 
If you are on the floor he would be the one to shove
His hands covered each by a blood stained leather glove
Someone needs to tell him enough is enough 
Set him straight so he can free us and fly like a dove 
With this in mind 
We need to find something to hide behind 
Something, somewhere where us, he will never find 
Close up our doors 
Because he is undercover 
Hiding in the face of a 'darling'
A 'darling'
A darling he's really not
Putting on an 'amazing' front 
You believe him
He is unlike any other
That is when your innocence he will devour 
He is criminal
He is no miracle 
All he is, is cynical 
To you he will do the same
Who is he? 
He is love

Okay so what I am not what this poem is about but we are all humans so why must we be tagged by the colour of our skin we have all got the same mother and father in the end so don't deny thy brother just because of the colour of his skin don't be racist- Black is beauty- despite being 'white' I don't judge people by the colour of their skin because that is what makes them beautiful if we all felt the same the world would be such a glorious place don't you think?

You call us coloured
We are black today
We were black yesterday
We will be black tomorrow and always
As always we have been
As always we will be
BLACK that’s me...
That’s us
When we are cold we are black
When we are hot we are black
When we are sick we are still black
When we are hurt and bruised we remain our colour...
When you are cold you are blue
When you are hot you are red
When you are sick you are yellow
When you are hurt and bruised you are purple
And you call us coloured
Black is beautiful
Black is me
 black I will forever be

The starry night sky is what?
Black is beauty
Black is me
Black I will forever be
You can’t change me
Black I will forever be