Friday, 16 May 2014

I can hope life treats you well, I can wish for your life to be sweet but that doesn't mean it's going to happen and it won't happen unless and until you change the world will be bitter towards you 'providing you don't change (someday)'

I am about to crash and I don't know where to land. 
I don't.
There is no-one there to lean on.
Thought comes into my head of you
you know what I am talking 'bout
the day I saw you there with her 
do you remember the excuse you used?
Ma heart broke and I am standing in the blue 
fading back to black, that's all I knew
breaking out of our world without you
I am,
built up;
and I have you to thank.
I owe it all to you 
in everything I do 
I need to take a stand 
from your grasp I need to release my hand 
and let you know when...
let you know when enough's enough
'cause I'm a diamond 
 I'm a diamond 
yeah I'm a diamond  in the rough
I can't believe how blind I've been
now trying to look back at everything
everything my heart rubbed out 
rubbed out of the scene of reality 
It's going to happen to you someday
providing you don't change 
If you don't change 
it's going to happen to you
providing you don't change 

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