Thursday, 17 November 2016

You hurt me, but 'I'll Pray For You' I don't hate you I just regret the path I took with you. Buena suerte

I’m torn,
between two,
mi cariño y tu
you hurt me, 
I loved the man you could never be. 
And now, 
me está matando.
usted me está matando. 
Fui una estupida, 
I believed you. 
Usted es un mentiroso.
I listened to your lies, 
Te amo- 
your biggest lie.
Me rindo contigo,
Buena suerte!
Espero que te haga feliz. 
Se acabó.
I’m moving on 
and you should too.
Que Dios te bendiga.
Que Dios esté contigo.
I’ll pray for you.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

We have all felt 'Trapped' at least once in our lives,but maybe we are our biggest enemy and only oppressor.

I'm trapped.
Trapped by my mistakes.
Nowhere to run.
Nowhere to hide.

Just console the man inside,
Man up!
Take the suffocation,
just like a man.
The 'Man',
expects you to be.

Never mind that I am a woman.

I am trapped,
in the prison.
The prison of all the things that are not 
my fault.

I am a lady.
Born a lady.

Of course,
it's my fault.

Shoulda just been man 
I ain't 'bout dat life.

I am a woman.
Not a wo'man'.
's that too hard to understand?

I am half of your world
start treating me as such.
I am beauty
start telling me 
the terms you use towards me 
should be 
There are not many things that I'm not.
but there is one...

Your labels.
Something I never was
And never will be.
Yes I am trapped.
I am not trapped in your words,
I am trapped,
In my freedom.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

You only realise how lucky you were when your luck is in jeapordy and you are so far from your heartbeat and the blessing that befell you on the special day that started your life. I miss 'My heartbeat'

in between
nothing but lonely sheets
wish I could escape, sleep
that’s what he use to be
a dream
I am
no longer thirteen
now he’s reality
and only beauty to me
awake, only just
and on my mind, him
I can twist
and in my heart, him
I can turn
and on my skin, his touch
even more then, I yearn
and on my lips, his
so I lay there
nothing I can do
but feel my heart set a light and begin to burn
even then, still
within my heart a hole
one that I can’t without him fill
nothing surrounding me
wishing him beside me
wishes are for the weak
just bare sheets
missing the way he made my heart skip beats
in the cold, I freeze
to that he was and always will be
the heat
my breath
the reason for the current existence of me
my favourite seat
my heartbeat

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Just when you think you have esacped your past and moved right on you get hit with that one line that makes you think otherwise ‘I’ll Make You Forget Him’

‘I’ll make you forget him’

At that, the lights grew dim
I hate nothing more than I do him

While you aim to make me forget-
you cause the memories and my mind to connect.
I called him amazing and you I still do perfect

‘I’ll make you forget him’

Do I accept?
Do I allow instinct to kick in?
Too late. I reject.

while your arm beneath me
red is all I see
nice to finally view what you make of me truly

You’ll  make me ‘forget him’

if I hadn’t already
then in your bed on your arm I wouldn’t be

Next time before you revive my past- think carefully.
or it will soon be
that she will have to try and make you forget me.


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The pain of seperation from the love of your life makes your heart feel like it's been ripped out of you and trampled on and you are left 'Torn Apart' and weak without a heart

So many words unspoken
fragments of the heart unbroken
parts of you untouched
disruption of our facility- unjust
bed sheets unadorned by our skin
no use hiding the emptiness within
loneliness armed and ready to kill
I’m still waiting for the thrill
but yet again disappointment takes the lead
stranded without you watching my heart bleed
smiles and exhilaration torn apart
left with nothing but a core stabbed with a poisoned dart
saying it will only mean
strength is weakening
with nothing to hold at the arrival of the evening

Monday, 30 May 2016

Since '07.10.15' my stength and weakness have been one and lived side by side under the morning sun- '07.10.15' (Strenght vs Weakness)

My pain,
But with you near...
...all that, is clear
I need you here;
though here you can’t possibly be.
You are not holding me

You turn my world a light
but the light is killing me
I need you
turn it off- only you know how to
you heat the coldest parts of my heart
but its burning
come put out the fire
my current situation without you is dire
remember  the negativity is in their heads
will soon be dead

My weakness,
you are
but with you I am strong.
It is without you that I can barely stand.
Hand in hand,
without wings I can fly.
Alone, standing there, with nothing to live for
that’s when I die.
It’s hard to understand
but then, everyone else is above land
while my heart is thirsty and buried under dry sand
embrace and affection
we’ll have our turn  
but life holds a long line
from now till the end of time, it’s us against them

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

It's time females took a stand and say we're 'Done' because he doesnt care if you stay or you run he is not your morning sun.

He cares
he doesn’t care
it’s a disguise
he loves me
he doesn’t love you
it’s all lies
all you want for him
he doesn’t treat you right
he’ll love me ‘til he dies
you need to wake up and see the sunrise
I would protect him with my life
are you not listening to me
don’t you see
for you he wouldn’t bother to put up a fight
you sound like you don’t care for your life
shut up stop talking your words cut me like a knife
you are going insane
he doesn’t feel the same
to him it’s nothing more than a silly little game
I have never felt this way
I love him
girl, don’t you see its not love
it’s nothing
but lust
it will soon blow over with the wind
like  dust
don’t forget
metal looks perfect
‘til it begins to rust
I will never give up
let go
by now you should be done
no I want to stay
wait another day
not yet have I had enough of his morning sun
his smile
you need to turn another dial
what are you waiting for
your death
a trial
where those who love you bare witness
the man behind that smile
the only thing to be said is you’re done