Saturday, 28 December 2013

Blame the lover boy

Hey lover boy what have you done to her, 
You know, the girl that use to be me,
The one that I use to be,
The one you see 
When you look at the girl who yours she use to be
Where now is she 
For I am no longer she 
Time has changed me 
She left because you wouldn’t let her be 
There is no longer you and me
You should have let her be 
Because there is nothing left to see
What makes her so much better than me
What makes her your every dream and fantasy

Sunday, 22 December 2013

We don't "need" to but we still do

I don't need to care about you 
but I do
I don't need to love you
but I do
I don't need to stay 
but I do
that's the same for you
you don't need to hurt me 
but you do
you don't need to talk about me that way 
but you do
you don't need to say those things
but you do
you don't need to hate me
but you do
you don't need to cheat
but you do
you don't need to hear me cry 
but you do 
you don't need watch me die 
but you still do
let me tell you:
It hurts. 
And you obviously don't have a clue
I guess that's just you.
as for me I am going to be everything I ever wanted to be.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Okay we are *all* strong up to the point where we get cheated on this one is called 'Break Down'

Break down
I never thought you'd see me break down...

Now I am crying on the cold hard floor having a melt down
melt down
melt down
melt down is what you have caused heartache, loneliness and misery

I am having a melt down on the floor
because you are not with me any more
so now I am feeling like a pop sickle

let me melt down
oh just let me melt down
because I am at a civil war the love
that I owned once before

I am having a melt down on the floor because you are not mine any more
without you its just not the same I don't feel like the girl I use to be any more
now I need to ask my self....why did you walk out the door?

Hospital couldn't hold me in at my escape I once again saw your face
I dropped to my knees on the concrete floor
that's the night when I truly burnt down
couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't breathe
because you made me break down

This is for those who when asked what they see in their lovers face begin to struggle this one is called 'That is why I see heaven in your face'

I will sit, I will cry
Because I never meant to let you hear a lie
For you, I will bleed 'till I die
Though I never want to see you cry
You will live all your life
NO I won't let you end it with a knife
I will swim I will dive
No matter how deep I promise even if the cost is my life
I will pull you out alive
Because to me you are too precious to die
You are too precious to die
You are too precious to die
In bed I lie hoping that if I should die
I would do so with you by my side
No matter what people say the truth is...
You are the reason I wake up day by day
Only because I need to see you face touch your grace to feel your embrace
Because I am the trainer but with out you I have no lace
I am the trainer so you are the lace
God set my heaven on your beautiful face
That is why I see heaven in your face

This is the only way to explain how much you miss them

Missing you always even though the day for me always sets upon your face
I arise with the sound of your name
loving your embrace and aching to feel your steaming hot grace
on my tongue there still remains your sweet love of a taste
I am still missing you always.
please don't ever offer to give me so much space
because that is not what I want and definitely not what I need
all I need is you that is what will end my otherwise ever lasting creed
I want you to know I am missing you always

This one is for all of those who are unsure how to explain/ express your feelings 'how I really feel about you'

Closer to home each time
Only because you are there
Then you leave its gone again
I don't like it any more than you do

I am done crying so I say no more
And then you lead me to the door
You cause me to break the law
Its not only your life its ours alone

You throw it all away and try
Just try and pretend we were okay
You know all the sacrifices and all the shit
But still you chose to turn your back

Hurt me and then watch me cry
Tear apart inside and you don't seem to mind
You didn't see the ways I cried and died for you
But this is why I love you

I will love you no matter what I do
That's how I really feel about you.