Friday, 21 March 2014

Let's face it us girls are hopless when we fall out of love we cannot let go or maybe that's just me all I know is I still miss him - this is for the one who still has my heart- 'she may not care but I do'

Cry dying, 
Die crying 
She won't care even if you are unconsciously lying
You are not a bird so please baby don't try flying 
Ignore her if while you talk you hear her sighing 
Don't believe everything you hear 
There is no truth in gravity defying
The truth is only lies you have forever been denying
If our love was true why do you need clarification
If our kisses were pure why did they taste like added emulsification   
I want you
I need you 
I see you 
I wish you would take time
Take time to spend time 
Buy time to have 
Have time to give time
Give time to get time 
Get time to use time 
Use time to notice me 
Notice my love for you
Notice what was us 
Notice how there is no us
Notice this is something we need to fix 
Because she is not going to care about you like I do
I still want 
To love
To miss 
To cry for
To die for
To hug 
To have 
To hold 
To kiss
I still want you 
Old times
The girl I was before I lost you 
Well guess what she is not me any more 
She doesn't want to have you
Because she doesn't know your value 
But this is me and I still love you
And she may not care but I do


  1. have you wrote these lines, nice try.. whats your inspiration

  2. your words very inspiring... nice. (y).

  3. my Inspiration comes from my personal experiences and someone very near and dear to my heart thank you for your comments

  4. to answer your question everything you see on this blog is of my own doing meaning yes I have written this and the rest of the posts