Tuesday, 4 March 2014

If a man has stripped you of your happiness and gone against his promises of forever and always then he is what this poem is all about and this one is for you "The Man Behind The Mask"

I saw you as my angel
But the condition I was in was fatal 
I might as well have called you my devil
Later I came to realise you were awaiting my destruction
The smiles experienced were to fulfil your challenge after the induction
Your plan was now a construction
I now can see your mind was full of hate and seduction
You knew because you saw my heart was made of glass
That is when the compliments started about my ass
More damage than biking on a high-road without a casque
To see the real you, now, that, was a task
For you are not that angel I had once thought 
At last 
I now know you are not that boy of my dream
Or the beauty of any film cast
At last
I have seen all you have cut out to be
 You are just the tall dark man behind the mask
That is the thought going to forever last
You are just, the man behind the mask

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