Wednesday, 5 March 2014

This one goes out to all my goglers and fans this one also goes out to the one who will remain unnamed whom I now regret associating with very dearly but at the same time owe gratitude to for giving me the strength I now own though making me cry and angry most times so I guess this is thank you, here it is- 'I Told You'

I told you that by him on my lips
I was intensely kissed
I told you that it was him whom healed my wounds
I told you that it was you indeed
the one who made me bleed
and in return your lips were sealed

I told you it was mine, the had of which he held
I told you about him, our love and how with him I felt, I did,
I told you about our love and all I feel towards him instead of you

I told you that with him there is no obligation to yell
and you know its the love that we had that I want to sell
all because I am tired of living in your hell

It was once you making my intensity levels rise
now with one single look at you it's my heart I jeopardise
one touch and my blood red rose dies
I told you if I stay my heart will continuously decrease in size
He is far less controlling, with you there was no communication with any other guys
finally I am strong enough to say I am done with your lies and goodbye

I told you with you I wanted to grow old
I told you it was you I forever wanted to hold
I told you truly that to me you meant more than gold
Though currently its our gold that is being sold  
so don't come up with the excuse that you were never told
up until today I had always wanted to be your warmth when you were cold
But now the cold is something alone you have to try and scold

I told you it was for you every heart beat
But now in our separate lives I have no care if our children never meet
I told you today, forever and always it will be you and me
That one promise I would have kept if you ever let me be
I told you I despise those who make me feel small
I told you, you should know, for I told you this all

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