Monday, 24 March 2014

This one is called abuse - the inspiration came from today's discussion at school- Don't stand and face abuse fight against it - Stamp Out Prejudice - 'do yourself justice'

My man. 
What man?
My boy, he hit the road
The one who put me on this earth hates me so I am told 
His heart stone cold 
I still cry as I wait for their love to unfold
Love lives inside only the purest of souls
Why not take a look and see just take a peek
Look what's happening to me 
They cut my heart so deep
My flesh begins to bleed 
One day the wounds will scab over 
Till then I wish upon a star to find a four leaf clover 
Or a plane to fly me out of this misery into Dover 
Love is just a word
A word only thought of by the absurd
Hate is true 
True is everything between me and you  
Why do I face this abuse? 
Why do I come back to be hurt by you?
A man is what I need 
A real man to end this creed 
The strength of a thousand men is what it takes 
Watching my heart fall apart and feeling its' ache as it breaks 
This is worse than being in a pit of a million or more snakes 
then what, 
why leave me dying after a couple of dates 
why choose no further from the tree than my mates
That is how I know it is me he truly madly deeply hates 
This is my advice to you 
Here is everything you should do
Please  don't like me stand and face the abuse 
Fight against it 
You know it's true so why not show them you are fit 
Do yourself justice 
When it comes to stamping out prejudice 
You don't just need to be the fastest 
you also need to be the smartest

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