Wednesday, 26 March 2014

We are living in an extremely prejudice society- Society and Us

Hands like iron they want to see us dying
but not me, they say I am normal
they everyone in society, a cruel group of people set out to kill
but not me I am normal
they hurt you
just because you are not normal
thanks to them you can no longer live with yourself
your hypnotizing eyes end a different drought every night
as you wait for love but it never comes
it only drives further away into shadows
the shadows of those you swear you will never become
now your oceans so immense they lead into deserts
and end the drought  
They discriminate against you
with their hurtful laws and penetrating words
trapping you between four walls
but try to stand up to them and they will put a tag on you
They class me as normal
what is normal, can you please define?
my illness and disabilities are but invisible to the human eye
 yet you are being tied
this life is mine
 dyslexia and hydrocephalus
the two diseases of mine I am willing to introduce
I just want to set you free let those shackles loose
I don’t understand
how we are being judged this way in our own land
if together we don’t take a stand
then my friend, brother, sister there will be no help at hand
how could you be classed as paranormal
just because you have visible difficulties and disabilities
or because you are fond of those in the same sex
they are the reason you cry yourself to sleep
your oceans are worldwide and tower deep
why am I independent yet they refuse to leave you alone?
where has it gone,
the word that use to be love
It has now turned into a necessity to push and shove
no matter how you toss the dice
you always get black or white
that is twisted and society is questioning why nothing seems right
they don’t care that they are the reason
you can’t sleep at night
not while
countries are having fights
I heard them talking about religion and wanting to see the light
if our voices are to be heard together we need to put up a fight
all hope seems lost
now even freedom has been given a cost
even in summer their hearts are deeply buried in the frost
because you don’t have them on your side
they give the real you no choice not to seek but to hide
they don’t care if you are claustrophobic
inside those four walls you heard the words that escaped their lips
and you noticed they were homophobic 
you take the stress out on yourself
cutting and attempted suicide have become your family
you would say your life
they are the reason your best friends are now the sharpest blades and knives
no matter what you try something tells me not to put up with his or her lies
you let it out on your cries
all love ever seems to do criticize
even with the one you love you now want to suicide
but you are still theirs
still there
still here
and you still love your lover and the surrounding society
you still call the one who hurts you a lover
even after it all
but your lover doesn't understand
their love is buried beneath society’s quick sand
if now it’s you your lover doesn't understand
then our world never will

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