Sunday, 16 March 2014

I know how it feels to want something so badly you will do anything to get it back including cutting - this one is for all the sufferers of stress depression and anxiety you are not alone-'my self harm experience'

He doesn't know
They don't see beyond my hair
But behind my beauty self-harm is standing there
The cuts, marks and scars they are all there
You didn't before so don't now act like you care
Walk with him and watch me die, tell them all to stare
Hear me cry, but don't lie, just walk on and shout to me 'life isn't fair'
My only regret was out of rage returning to him that valentine bear

Beautiful Girlfriend scripted in Script MT Bold
But that is a lie as a true beauty would not have been sold
It would have been believable if it was felt as well as it was told
But because it wasn't, the antagonistic tear leaves me crying in the cold
Even then in my dreams to this day it is still his hand I hold
I am waiting for my now flat rose to once again create its beautiful fold
Then and only then will I to him once again mean more than gold

Roaming my room is the rancid stench of blood
Only the sharpest knife has truly become my pure diamond stud
My hopes and deepest dreams under his feet they were crushed
My sobs cries wailing and screams by his hand on my mouth they were hushed
As long as for you I yearn at night I will forever remain to twist and turn
and during the day the action plan is to crash my Ferrari and burn
I guess when you are truly madly deeply in love you will never learn

My my my
What if tonight is the night I die
Would you turn up at my funeral or will you shut up and run inside
Knowing that it for you the nights my eyes slept not but cried
Could it be your eyes the ones that smiled the second I died
And if tonight shall be my last night know that its for you I took my life
My best friends a year ago became  the sharpest scissors and knives
You didn't help didn't care only they have the power to end my strife

The doors of hell for you alone are now your only afterlife entrance
They wouldn't have been if it wasn't on your behalf I started my self-harming experience