Friday, 24 February 2017

Been hurt too many times by pathetic lies and cowardly actions- the time has come for me to say 'Goodbye'

I’m not the letters in my name
I am not a snake or a ladder
a game, you seem to think of me,
let love beat and hate heat.
That I could and would never be
I’m sorry if with you I forgot the meaning of ‘happy’
but another plan for us has destiny
one where you be you
and I be me
one where each other never again we see
one where the grass is healthy and beautifully green

The future holds a golden land in the centre of its palm
a land in which smiles are an individual grain of sand
you made your bed now without me lay in it missing the tracing of my thumb
me myself and I
my ring is on my hand
I am the lead singer in my band
you, a grain of sand
no matter to me

Don’t you worry no longer will you hurt me
no longer will I be in sight
I’m not seeing the light of tomorrow in your eyes
I’m gone tonight
I loved you
hope you enjoyed hurting me
my weakness
I have found my strength in the pain