Sunday, 3 May 2015

That feeling of guilt has devoured me alive and the pain is killing me slowly, painfully stabbing me like a partially blunt knife, it's all my fault and this I know and it only causes me to feel more 'Guilty'

After this I will be happy
I know I will be happy
he hasn't for a long time given me what I wanted
and all that time I cried myself to sleep
he wounded me
the stabs were razor cut
and tower deep
after this I'll be able to get my beauty sleep
It's the right thing to do
keep him but have myself another boo
I don't know about you
but if in time I could go back
this mistake I would never return to
I shouldn't have done what I did
lying on broken promises
what's his is mine and what's mine is his
only one thing of my own I have and it is this
the guilt which devours me, God forbid may it never be his
I opened myself to sin
I cut myself, from deep within
guily I am
feeling filthier than a bin
I am guilty
I won't let him know
if he knows I am scared he would leave me,

I could give you my eyes if you need just to help you see but he is something I am not willing to share because he is mine and cannot be bought with a penny or a dime so 'Get Your Own' for he is mine

Get your own
he is my man, I am not willing to share
he is a part of me not a part to spare
get your own
blue eyed
dark haired
pail skinned
heaven sent angel
if you can find one
there are none like him out there
get your own
don't you dare try take mine
not if you don't want to live a nightmare till the end of time
just in case you don't understand
he id not yours he is mine
I refuse to let you cross that line
he means the world to me
and with me he will forever be
don't believe me?
wait and see
bitch, nothing comes free
but you are cheap
you have no idea I could bury you deep
get your own heaven on earth
you are not even half of what he is worth
he was a blessing from birth
your own is what you need
get your own
or forever stay alone