Sunday, 16 March 2014

This is for anyone who feels like without a particular person in their lives they would truly be in hell- Heaven of yours or hell of my own

Gazing at the golden green beauty,
touching the wild black silk ,
chest pounding,
eye lids fluttering like butterflies on a warm summers’ day
arms shaking,
hands still standing,
fingers caressing,
heat building, 
heaven emerging.
Hell slowly disintegrating,
Suddenly it occurs to me,
where are we?
There is no ‘we’
no it’s only me.
Where is thy?
Alone, cold, neglected, maybe just maybe,
in this world there is only me.
If you be gone,
then gone heaven be
it be I in the hell living inside me
and heaven never again will I see.
Because from your grasp I have been set free
If only once again it’s you I see if only
if only you will with me forever be if only
if only like that time before, the sky be blue if only
if only you would think of me in all you do if only
if only we both were stuck like glue if only
if only you had me and I still had you
then surely in heaven I’d be.

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