Sunday, 16 February 2014

If you want to know the meaning of love then this is for you- love is a burning fire hotter than hell in which if you jump in with a pure soul you cannot burn let the fire glow and be sure to never let it snow -Our love is a flame and together we make history but its only up to you if you want that history to be held a memory-The Flame

Tell me...
Just tell me you'll let me kiss you goodnight
And I will tell you I will let you hold me tight
Please let our hearts become entwined
And our lives get given a glow and set a light
I don't understand, why am the one to blame?
I'm not a dog, so I see not why you think I should be tame 
Why without you it  is impossible for me to experience fame
And why I am unable to put out this burning flame
Could it be because we are stuck together and in love
That I no longer desire to push nor shove
Instead I would rather be living with a dove
In peace with a beautiful dove deeply in love
I remember
Do you remember,
Remember not that spiteful September
But the indulgence on that delightful December
If you decide you want to take time and remember
I will forget the pain and sorrow you caused me once upon a November
If you decide you want to find a time-machine and remember
I will remember the happiness that was given to my heart on that October
I will take time and try to once again treat you like my one and only lover
But in return I want you to treat me like your love is mine and for no other
Deep with in our flame still burns
And this much you know
Because if died it had in your sight always there will be a crow
Summer would no longer exist because our flame will be put out by the snow
But our darkest nights still see our flame, please let it low
If one of us decides the glow is all too much or we suddenly don't like the snow
Then I am afraid I will have to let you go
Our love is a flame
If one day it's glow goes dim
Then remember together we are the ones to blame
And don't accuse the one who once had my heart because you killed the flame not him

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