Wednesday, 5 February 2014

This one is called 'in case' -Just in case you are wondering if anyone out there understands you the answer is right here I do

In case, he said
I am sure he said
In case I cut you and watched you while you bled
In case you arise at night and begin to twist and turn in our bed

In case you want to step our love up a notch
In case we wake our princess daughter who is sleeping peacefully in her cot
Let her be kissed on the forehead and told we love her a lot

Then close the door
and let her snore
for she is the one that we adore
and when our beauty no more cab she snore
dress her we will and escort our rose into her chosen store
and in case one day our sweetheart wants to study law
we will make sure she memorises its core.

In case one day we think of leaving one another
all we need to remember is how much we loved each other
In case one of us begins to think we can find another lover
just remember what we have been through together
In case you forget your promise forever
just remember when I said I will leave you never

In case you ever feel neglected and find it hard to bare
I  want you to remember when I vowed with this ring on my finger I will always be there
In case you feel as if all I do is stare
I want you to forgive me for your beauty is what cases me to stare
and I don't want you to live another nightmare

In case just in case.

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