Saturday, 8 February 2014

This poem is based on the book to kill a mockingbird- this one is called 'You Killed a Mockingbird' this talks about love left hidden and words unspoken till the point of death

You Killed a Mockingbird

I am not going to lie, nothing seems to matter any more, 
I don't know if it's because you watched me walk out then slammed the door.
Pain was something I thought would last, 
I guess it would have, if my head was still stuck in the past, 
when you are having fun they say time does go fast 
Everything we left behind,
I need to erase it from my mind,
I was wrong to sing you that song,
it was a declaration of love, a place, where I no longer belong.

You killed a mockingbird
for no good reason,
come the change of season it’s a sin you can’t erase,
you killed a mockingbird because it needed its voice to be heard,
now every so often you visit the yard,
where the mocking bird lay,
still... and contained no heart beat, did its little grave.

You let regret and sin fill up your microscopic heart,
because you tore an innocent soul apart.
So why then give the mocking bird little a wave
its dead now don’t you know
it can’t respond to what you show
I am not sure if you know what you have done
for I was that beautiful mocking bird singing you that song
I tried to let you know that love is a place where we all could belong
the first didn’t get me
neither did the second
you shot out the third
my little chirpy voice could no longer be heard

I was still young, yet you showed no humanity
shooting me beneath my left breast
portrayed in that very moment, an image of cruelty in its very worst
In my heart the penetration took place
the merciless bullet became friends with the end of my days
I hope you are happy now where you rest
to show you the power of love I did try my best.

You killed a mockingbird
for no good reason
come the change of season it’s a sin you can’t erase
you killed a mocking bird because I wanted my voice to be heard

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