Monday, 30 May 2016

Since '07.10.15' my stength and weakness have been one and lived side by side under the morning sun- '07.10.15' (Strenght vs Weakness)

My pain,
But with you near...
...all that, is clear
I need you here;
though here you can’t possibly be.
You are not holding me

You turn my world a light
but the light is killing me
I need you
turn it off- only you know how to
you heat the coldest parts of my heart
but its burning
come put out the fire
my current situation without you is dire
remember  the negativity is in their heads
will soon be dead

My weakness,
you are
but with you I am strong.
It is without you that I can barely stand.
Hand in hand,
without wings I can fly.
Alone, standing there, with nothing to live for
that’s when I die.
It’s hard to understand
but then, everyone else is above land
while my heart is thirsty and buried under dry sand
embrace and affection
we’ll have our turn  
but life holds a long line
from now till the end of time, it’s us against them

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