Thursday, 2 June 2016

Just when you think you have esacped your past and moved right on you get hit with that one line that makes you think otherwise ‘I’ll Make You Forget Him’

‘I’ll make you forget him’

At that, the lights grew dim
I hate nothing more than I do him

While you aim to make me forget-
you cause the memories and my mind to connect.
I called him amazing and you I still do perfect

‘I’ll make you forget him’

Do I accept?
Do I allow instinct to kick in?
Too late. I reject.

while your arm beneath me
red is all I see
nice to finally view what you make of me truly

You’ll  make me ‘forget him’

if I hadn’t already
then in your bed on your arm I wouldn’t be

Next time before you revive my past- think carefully.
or it will soon be
that she will have to try and make you forget me.


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