Thursday, 1 May 2014

Okay so what I am not what this poem is about but we are all humans so why must we be tagged by the colour of our skin we have all got the same mother and father in the end so don't deny thy brother just because of the colour of his skin don't be racist- Black is beauty- despite being 'white' I don't judge people by the colour of their skin because that is what makes them beautiful if we all felt the same the world would be such a glorious place don't you think?

You call us coloured
We are black today
We were black yesterday
We will be black tomorrow and always
As always we have been
As always we will be
BLACK that’s me...
That’s us
When we are cold we are black
When we are hot we are black
When we are sick we are still black
When we are hurt and bruised we remain our colour...
When you are cold you are blue
When you are hot you are red
When you are sick you are yellow
When you are hurt and bruised you are purple
And you call us coloured
Black is beautiful
Black is me
 black I will forever be

The starry night sky is what?
Black is beauty
Black is me
Black I will forever be
You can’t change me
Black I will forever be

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