Thursday, 17 April 2014

This is for those who feel as if their partner completes them and without their significant other they would not be who they are today- It only makes sense to call this one 'You Complete Me'

 How do I show you 
I love you
with out saying those words? 
If you were a ring 
forever I would keep you on my finger
If I were a song
you'd be the sing to my singer
If I was talking about weather 
you'd be the snow to my winter 
and the heat to my summer 
but I am a broken pipe 
and you are my plumber 
I am a phone 
and you are my number 
I am a diamond
 and you are my value
I am a present 
you are the bow that wraps me 
I am the pollen 
and you are the flower 
I am the bee 
and you are my honey 
you are the write to my writer 
you are the hype to my hyper 
If I was a fight you'd be my fighter
because I am a flame you are my fire 
I wanted prefect 
and you were my answer
you were my tuxedo
and I your bow tie 
I am an apple 
without you I wouldn't be here
because you are my apple tree
you are my sight 
it is thanks to you I see
other than you 
with no-one else I would rather be 
because you complete me

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