Saturday, 5 April 2014

What happened to us?

And I know you play with fire a lot but
I exist to stop you from burning
Baby I know if I leave you baby
I know you will burn.
You will see me up in heaven sayin' I took lighter
Saying life is a nothing without takin' your turn

Baby know that you’re the only one I’ll yearn for forever
Your touch on my heart felt like a feather 
Kissing you puts me in heaven 
The gaze of your eyes reminds me of when I was eleven 

Love and lust as we touch 
If I must I will give my life 
And use a knife upon my soul
Just let the life tape role 

Let life take its course 
You can't change the past 
And the future is already planned out for us 
So there's no use tryin'
Just live our lives before die 

Let our lives be lived entwined 
(While we still have the chance) 

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