Friday, 11 April 2014

I don't know what to believe, I believed in you but where did that drive me? They can try but they can never take it away - Yesterday

In my life...
Never had I thought hatred and pain would play a part
I was wrong
they do
In my life muscles don't play a part
what matters is the content concealed within a heart 
where you finish I choose to start
if you end on gravity's skies
I will defy gravity and my ground...
it will become your milky-way
let every seed of doubt shroud and die away
my mirror reflects the corps standing in front of him
a fourteen year old mademoiselle
her eyes glistening in loves enchantment
red lips, hazel eyes and a heart.
A heart more entrancing than a perfect sunrise 
every little speck of doubt with one sight of her it shrouds and dies
causing hatred never to seek but to hide 
she remembers the day she stepped on his
 he did the same to hers  
the vein broke that day love became a flood of blood
she believed in love, the four letter word that puts tears in ones eyes
the only feeling given the gift of sweeping to uniquely different beings off their feet 
I believed in love.
It broke my heart 
a dart no dart board
but he still used it.
He used it on my heart 
I believed in chivalry, oh sweet chivalry.
It died out.
I believed in perfection.
I thought he was perfect
life says perfect people are not real and real people are not perfect.
It was right.
No-body is perfect.
He was close to the devil.
But I still have faith that he will change.
We all do.
I believed in freedom
freedom, buried under society's frost
and they call it freedom
it no-longer exists 
and then there is you...
you can take the songs me, him and love never sang 
you can take the words that remained in the chambers of my heart and never escaped
but you can never take away yesterday.
His yesterday.
My yesterday.
Our yesterday.
Our breaths. 
Our love.
The yesterday we shared.
Our yesterday.

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