Sunday, 18 May 2014

Though I am not deaf, dumb nor am I blind I salute those who are as their life isn't anything like you may think I have been given the gift of open mindedness and warm- heartedness towards them I only hope you receive the same most gracious and beautiful gift sent from the heavens by the very god that put us on this earth- The Dumb The Deaf and The Blind

You can say what you please, 
because to your words I am deaf. 
No matter how much you torture me,
never can I tell, 
and even if I could,  
never would I tell you what you need, 
as to your enquiries I am dumb. 
You can act out what you please 
I am to you actions blind,
I cannot see.
You can slam my head into the dirt 
for my dignity I don't mind getting hurt.
You can laugh at me,
if you think a clown is what I am trying to be.
But the truth is, 
I have no choice. 
I simply cannot see.
I cannot see.
 I see the most beautiful things,
I see things but invisible to the sight of one’s eye.
I have no voice.
I am dumb.
I cannot speak.
Yet with nothing more than the voice inside me,
 I sing the sweetest songs. 
Though my voice cannot be heard,
with one note produced by my inner vocal cords
The crowd begins to roar.
I cannot hear yet I hear the melody in music,
I hear the tenderness of one’s voice
I hear the innocence in one’s heart and soul
as it screams out to me
I cannot hear.
But I know when I am welcome
the world tells me where I belong.
I may have physical instabilities,   
but never will I ever do you wrong
Like anyone other than I, 
In the morning don’t I arise?
Unlike most I can only love,
I don’t know how to despise.
So my heart is continuously increasing inside.
God loves the dumb
God loves the deaf
God loves the blind
And I am dumb, deaf and blind 

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