Friday, 14 June 2013

This song is called 'last night'- one of my favorite hand written songs because it holds so much depth

Last night

Last night with only you on my mind
thinking I'd rather go blind
than to see you walk away from me
like that...
The way they say you would
Hurt me.

If anything should happen I would
End my life to let you know,
How much you mean to me right now.

And love inst a thorn to be let go
Its time for me to let you know
I'm not gonna let you go
Just like a present's wrapped with a
I'll never let you go.

I remember when you stood there in the snow.
You were shivering in the freezing cold.
I wrapped my tracksuit round your hands
And my arms around your shoulders
Said I will always be your girl
Said it will be okay.

In my dreams I still go back to that day
but last night is a night I'll never forget...

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