Wednesday, 6 November 2013

This is for all the couples who are still in love eventhough they have broken up know that your ex willl always love you, miss you and want you no matter what happens between you and how bad the break up was

Dear Reader,

If you are reading this, then you must be either a teen facing issues adolescent life or perhaps you are an adult living in Love's hardship. Let me tell you, you're not alone. All over the world people are becoming heart broken, every second a girls dream get shattered and a boy is left soulless, heartless, sometimes lifeless and the blame is set on love.

I have been through your pain and let me reassure you, it will get better, it can only get better. Your heart will mend. This, although it feels like it, it is not the end, both of your hearts will someday mend. Maybe it was not meant to be but I can tell you it is not the end. There is someone out there who does deserve you and will cherish what you have between you two.

Did you say it was over but never wanted it to end, and now it's hard for you to be just friends? Do you feel as if your life because of that little mistake is at its end ? Let me tell you this, whether it's you who did the dumping or whether you got dumped the pair of you most likely feel the same.

You both feel like you were to blame, you miss him/her, you feel like you are torn apart and no-one apart from him/her can mend you heart, you love them but it's too late to say and now you are sending messages through your friends. Let me make this clear he/ she does not want to make the first move, that's all. They don't hate you and if something was to happen to you they would probably give up their lives to save you. Don't be afraid to give them you heart one more time and then at least if it breaks you will rest knowing it was worth the pain because it shattered for love and nothing else.

Its not pretty loving someone and not showing them, keeping it in to please someone who doesn't mean nearly as much to you as they do yet you took there advise and because of them you are now dying inside- that's what happened to me I lost everything I ever had to live for the love of my life walked out the door and i was left crying on my bedroom floor. My birthday is tomorrow and my only wish is that he can forgive me and we once again will be happy together and the truth is I am soulfully sorry for everything that has occurred and its not that I don't want to make the first move it's that I  am finding it difficult because of my parents who have created this flaw in our love causing me and him to be unhappy. I do miss him and without him never again will I grimace in happiness because I won't be joyful.

If he reads this I want him to know I will never feel differently about him. I will today forever and always miss him.

Tina Cassandra M.

Everyone desurves to be loved so be the one giving love before taking because my mistake cost me his love. In love everyone is equil and the same.

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