Saturday, 16 November 2013

My Living Nightmare (I was in year 6 when I wrote this so sorry if it is not up to my usual standards)

Me and my brother had slept alone for the first time in the new flat. We lived on the top floor of the building (the 13th floor).

Mum and dad had gone out to meet Lee, my dad’s soon to be new boss. I decided to put William to sleep early that night so that I could have a peaceful night chatting to my friend and watching television without having to change the channel because something inappropriate came on the TV.

Almost immediately after he shut his eyes, I sat down on my inflatable sofa and watched a movie called 'VENDREDI 13' (Friday the 13th) when all of a sudden I felt an arctic breeze biting my skin like a hell hound.

I slowly turned around but nothing was there. I was sure that I had latched the door and sealed all the windows before double checking. It felt as if someone had been breathing icy cold blasts on my neck. Before I could get to my feet, the lights started to flicker. Once, twice... then darkness roamed the room. I heard a soft voice whispering... "good now we can begin..."

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