Saturday, 16 November 2013

The importance of relationships

I think self relationship is the most important relationship you can learn to develop, because what people think of you depends on what you think of yourself, not the other way round. Life isn’t always easy, let’s face it, people aren't always going to be on your side, in actual fact some people want to see you cash and burn. You need to stand strong. You need to show them you will not be beat, all that is needed is a little self confidence.
Having a friend means having someone by your side through better or through the worst of moments in time. Friends make us who we are. The saying “you are the company you keep” means that to know someone to be able to even begin  to know them you must first look at his/ her friends this is why when having egotistical self-centered friends you become exactly that. Having said that friends help you through the toughest times and will push you to the limit making sure no star is out of reach in order to see you happy the will go out of their way to help you achieve you deepest desire. Friends are not always the ones you stay up all night on the phone to off course unless one of you is under stress or depression then that is different.
Romantic Relationship

Love isn't always the easiest thing to find, but once it is found be sure to never let it go because ‘everyone needs love even those you claim they despise it crave it secretly because they are unable to grasp it as their own’ don’t be fooled he/she might be your friend or a complete Stranger, at first but love can often come across as blind because you don’t actually know you are in love or falling in love for that matter until it’s too late to back away or even think of backing away. Some say “love makes the world go round” others say “love hurts”, “love is a verb”  a little more than a few believe “ love is a friendship set on fire” the definition of love has confused and perplexed the human mind for centuries because it is possibly the only ‘thing’ with no official meaning. Different personalities acquire different adaptation methods, especially when it comes to love (eg: some express affection by kissing some hug and some express love through sexual and seductive methods) though it has no official meaning there is one thing which sets it apart from anything else and that is: once found it can never be lost again thats when you know its love if you feel you cannot ever never let go of the ‘love of your life’ this is why the words I LOVE YOU shouldn’t be said unless they are meant from deep within the heart because they will never trust anyone again could end up harming their selves and destroying their lives, they shouldn’t have to lose their lives to show you what you meant to them the key concept in love is trust because you cannot always trust the person you love but... you can always  love the one you trust.

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