Monday, 9 March 2015

Turn around to see the truth behind the mask I so tightly hold to my face please just one last time 'Turn Around'

Turn around it's a lie
turn your head so you don't watch me die
turn around for too long you've been stuck on the dark side
turn up, you don't have to hide
turn yourself in, let your punishment love decide
too late it will never be
broke your heart,did she?
wake up, turn around to see she is not me
give that one precious chance to me
you will see
you heart broken it will never again be
I know, I feel your pain, before my heart was broken by he
but God the light he helped me see
turn around to find me
to feel you I am demanding
watching my heart expanding
turn around
to my ears your heartbeat is the sound
to my see you are the land
to my arm you are the hand
to my eyes you are the sight
to my feather you are the weight: light
so for the last time
Turn around
Please turn around
let your eyes me they see
let your heart take the lead
let us together be
turn around I am not she
turn around

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