Wednesday, 11 March 2015

'New' beginnings are just the end of old endings and I hate them because when love is true between two there is no welcoming into it somebody 'New' and something so true won't allow for anything 'New' because true love stories never end so Mr. 'New' I hate you if *you* read this know I still love you

New me
new you 
this would happen this I knew 
our love was going to disappear into the blue
there would come a day when I could no longer see you
I would know sleepless nights this I knew 
I dread starting again
out with the old and in with the new 
new me 
new you
new black 
it's blue
nothing to look forward to
new bae 
new boo
old me 
please let it be the old you 
I would find myself begging this I knew 
when that fine line I drew 
this would happen this I knew 
loving black 
hating blue 
hating black 
loving blue 
though who cares I just miss you 
I love all things old
I hate all things new
dear Mr. New I truly and unconditionally hate you

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