Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Those eyes are a prison and his heart; the cell that refuses to let you escape but maybe I can't escape not because he won't let me, but because I don't want to. If only you could see what I see in his 'Eyes' then you would understand

we all have them
I think...
but his were a gift
the sky I see with my eyes
buried in the blue of his eyes
a restless ocean
a troubled sea
when I look in his that I do see
I know it's not just me
angels dancing
horses prancing
all in his eyes
they truly are entrancing
we may all have them
but none, a gift
none his
none heaven sent
none belonging to an angel
none belonging to a star
none you can visualise from afar
his do
he is my angel
he is my star
his- the only ocean blue sky-like eyes
everyone can see from afar
only he has those eyes

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