Thursday, 26 March 2015

Romeo and Juliet were not in love they were obsessed I know because I have come to realise the meaning of a 'True Romeo'

They were not in love 
they were obsessed 
of each other they couldn't get enough
with Romeo love was a diamond in the rough
he needed to keep it in
he needed to stay in the warmth of his bed and rest
love deserves the best of the best 
not someone who has death as an interest
being in love takes time 
Romeo was simply a lover of crime
to his name there was may a dime 
Juliet should have read the warning signs 
for a true Romeo, is ordinary
not an angel or a star
but a true Romeo you shall see from a far 
for his outer beauty may camouflage he
but his heart and love will never come to sabotage 
his hand he will always offer thee
before you can fully ask...
do you love...
he holds the rest- me 
a true Romeo you he shall protect 
not over every girl will his heart be hard to retract 
he was not the Romeo of a dream 
things aren't always what they seem
a true Romeo is honest 
a true Romeo has thy heart 
a true Romeo is my guy 
he is true because he is purely mine. 
Only mine!  

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