Thursday, 2 April 2015

I suffer 'Memory Loss' but I remember everything and what it cost I remember what I gained and everything I lost yet I still suffer 'Memory Loss'

Lonely days
sleepless nights
nothing seems right
love bites
camera action lights
now I miss you so much
I walk my broken life without a crutch
live my days with tears and such
anything, I would do to feel your touch
my whole life I’ve been the boss
now with the memory, all the memory
I suffer memory loss
though I remember it all
nothing can break that brick wall
everything makes my skin crawl
forever I was told to latch my door
I did
I remember
you still left
since then it has been wide than open
I am being attacked by memory loss
from my neck still hangs Jesus on the cross
I now know I am no boss
I am the victim of memory loss
I remember it all
but all is lost
so the evidence of memory is gone
I never was a boss
I was born to be the victim of memory loss

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