Thursday, 2 April 2015

I beg you Granddad please don't give up I am not ready to let you go it seems like just yesterday I waved you hello 'I Don't Want To' let you go

Please don’t give up
don’t give in
don’t let it win
I don’t want to lose you
the next time to you I talk
please don’t let it be you in your grave
if I could I would
give up mine so yours I save
the world to me you mean
I don’t want to ever think you are gone
I remember you told me sometime I’ll have to
you never were wrong
I don’t want to talk to a head stone
please don’t let go
Granddad, please don’t leave me alone
you called me your princess
and you were my crown
I promise I won’t let you down
you were my soldier
please don’t give up fighting
than that, Granddad you are stronger
I don’t want to believe you are leaving
I don’t want to miss you anymore than I do
I don’t want to be here without you
anything, I would give to hear your voice once more
but they say no more can you walk
carry now they must, you can’t walk
your heart is failing
if you could handle anaesthetic
the heart I would give you would be less pathetic
I don’t want to breathe knowing that you can’t
my heart you would get because I refuse to let you go

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