Wednesday, 11 March 2015

You may not remember; but I do. You may not see things that way; but I do. You may not believe. You may refuse to believe; but I do. I do because it has happened to me and it controls me more than you may think... why do you think my luck hides behind love and my love forever hibernates in a dark box that is always locked; 'Shut' to you and everything else?

Do you remember?
The door I swore I would never shut 
that was before it all went up in flames 
that was before they labelled  us by names 
that was before they falsely named me a slut
now that door I always shut 

Do you remember?
the window they broke and I later fixed 
when I swore once and for all I would leave it unlocked 
that was before they shot me and left me shocked 
when it's glass out they knocked 

Do you believe? 
I hate that we have not tied the knot 
there are days when I want to die and rot 
most of the time I want to get shot 

Now do you see why?
Why I deem myself out of luck
why my life really does suck
why in quicksand I am forever stuck 
why my window I will always latch
why my  door I will always shut 

my heart will remain shut
my eyes, to pain are shut
and will forever be shut 

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