Monday, 9 March 2015

Most of us have secrets we have trouble concealing and some kill us softly and slowly from deep within. This is 'The Secret' that tears me apart every time I think about it.

I kept it a secret
but it came out
leaving me hurt and trust in doubt
so wrapped up in that little game
love was proved to be a pain
and is now driving me insane
words are not enough to explain
left with close to none
it is all gone
I am going
I am going nowhere fast
I am still here
but I am going crazy
they don't understand
they cannot understand
because they live outside our land
but the truth is life without him I can't stand
now from my heart love is banned
it was like falling from a height and crying to land
love is drowning in reality's quick sand
with darkness lurching around every bend
and the letters my heart refuses to send
this could very well be the end
to once again hurt I do not intend

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