Thursday, 11 December 2014

I have once again been hurt and I am to blame it is purely my 'fault'

promised I wouldn't subject myself to get hurt
This time the fault is all hers
The fault of the girl who in the mirror I see
That fault belongs to me
Tired of being pushed into the dirt
And hating being hurt
But the fault is all hers 
She decided to take things slow
Little did she know, 
She was killing me on the go
Causing pain through my body to flow
I am her
She is me
No-wonder her fucking up cost me his love
Of this split personality he had enough 
It is my fault 
I took on the pain 
And I am the only one to blame 
Now never will I see the smile of sunshine during day
It's too late 
Way too late 
To fix all that happened yesterday 
And I am to blame 
I added fuel to the fire and rage to the flame 
I was delusional thinking love was a game
And now it's driving me insane 
But it's my fault and I am to blame 

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