Tuesday, 2 December 2014

When you ask me how do you know you love him my lips refuse to let me tell you but thank-god I have found another way to comunicate this to all of you - my hands are doing the work and telling you, letting you know 'How I Know That This Is Love

What do you do when you make an unfixable mistake?
What do you say when you tare up the one you love?
How do you live knowing you are the reason behind your darling's pain?
These are questions I need to locate the answers to, because, the longer I search the more it will hurt me and the one I love.

It is not affordable to hurt him anymore than I already have, because I love him more than anyone can imagine. The fact is I love him so much that not even he knows how much he means to me, this is not because I don't want to tell him, because there is nothing I would rather do than make it clear to him. It's because I cant tell him, I can't tell him because, words are not enough to explain nor are they enough to describe my feelings and thoughts towards him.

This my friend is how I know I love him.
(His name shall be hidden to those who are unaware of it.)

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