Friday, 12 December 2014

Sometimes you find yourself hating even if you never thought you could hate sometimes you find yourself questioning even though deep within you the answer to your enquiries- this piece is nameless

Never have I ever hated something,
but I hate this 
one year older just means burying yourself in responsibility 
I am stuck trying to find my number one priority
but it's hard,
nothing's easy when trust is a minority
your postcode
my postcode
tag our names they do
don't displace or danger will be after you
taking lives 
you are shooting for the sheer fun
Love, what have you done
taking away the bae 
I don't want hate to see another day
I think all of this in bed as I lay
what would you do if I hit the road N1?
The time has come for you to reap what you've sewn.
I have taken my time just to ensure you know you make a difference in this world
YOU knock the world up when it's feeling low
YOU are causing it's development on the go
don't destroy its' self-esteem
don't take a speck and make it extreme 
instead, help it.
With it work as a team
YOU can change the world 
but first you have to change your attitude 
school isn't against you,
it is there to educate you
now thinking about that.

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