Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Them like to keep you hoping because the truth is bitter there truth is there 'no hope out there'

Sleeping with the rats 
Thanks to daddy's old bat 
What do you have to say to that
Not even in the winter my head in a hat
Selling me to men at 13 
Only because nature's curse has made me fit to bare 
No one can see the scars just a lonesome girl standing there
Can't escape so I rest never seen
Never heard
Not a cherp 
But then of course 
I am not a bird 
Though at times I wish I were
An eagle or a horse
Away from this pain and this house I need to prance or sore 
Freedom I beg don't be sour 
That taste is one you can devour 
Don't cause these tears forever more 
They say we are living the best of our days today
I hope that is not the case 
If so my life would become worse than hell may 
I never go a stray
Freedom please open the door
Before silence takes over me forever 
They say that blood is thicker than water
There is much that can explain 
We are not one of the same 
Married to my dad 
Now you seem to think you own us and his land 
I shan't make a mistake and ask for my hand you to take
That will give you the chance for it to a thousand times break
Dear lord may in my future only enlightenment be standing there
I only hope I will still have a head with hair 
After being a mop and a broom to sweep the filthy floors 
My only request is freedom please unlock your home door 
If not then only death I have in store 
And after I am gone people calling me a whore
Please freedom open your door
I need your help dear lord

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