Friday, 12 June 2015

You are not stronger just because your legs are longer so don't even begin to criticize strength isn't just muscle size something you should bare in mind,'Stronger You Are Not'

You hate to see me happy 
I want to see you cry 
You hate to hear me laughing 
I just want you to die 
You say you want the truth 
We both know that's a lie 
You're craving for attention 
That's something you won't get
Call me what you want 
You will and that's a bet 
One thing you should do 
Remember don't forget 
Was it not I, you behind I left
I won't apologize so let that skip your mind 
The best thing I have done 
Was leaving you behind 
With us now apart it is another day
You're not going to like this 
But I am better this way 
So walk on down the road 
Never look behind 
Because when you see me fly
You'll wish that you wet blind 
You better run or you'll be late 
Life is closing its one and only gate
You might not believe but you I still don't hate 
But for happiness and smiles 
I would rather wait
For the first time in so long 
I am proving you wrong 
My life is a harpsichord and my destiny the song 
Despite your little judgement 
I still rest my head 
There is no point in seeing red
Nothing will join me as I rest when I am dead 
Remember when you laughed and watched me while I bled 
I prayed from the father you see forgiveness 
Then I went to bed 
You shot me with the dart 
Yet, no hate seeped from my heart 
This may be where we end 
But this is where I start 
Though you've been through a lot 
Stronger you are not 
I am sorry to have to say 
Your strength has missed a gap 
Don't be talking about strength 
Just because your legs have length 
 yes you are taller 
yes I am smaller 
that doesn't make you stronger
you are not stronger 
just because your legs are longer
When I get up to work
That is when you go to nap
So babe please 
Shut your massive trap 

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