Friday, 23 January 2015

I am not a free butterfly I am unable to spread my wings and fly but I am never forsaken for I am 'Taken'

when I say I am taken I mean it in my own way
I may not yet be taken by name
life may be taking me as a gamer behind a console playing a game
you may perceive me to be over-dramatic, strong but insane
I don't mind because it is not you taking my hand
you are not the lead singer in my band I am
on election day you will not be the one sanding at the stand
you will be sitting at home watching my speech on demand
a prisoner
captivated in his land
the land in his eyes
a lade of beauty like no other
he has me
by him I am taken
says without he’d be forsaken
if I said otherwise the truth would me mistaken
because the truth is...
by him heart has been taken.
My name is still my name
life is still the game that I play
pulling on their heart strings is the harmony of the music when the lights are out after day
I guess that is why I am taken
never left forsaken
by beauty and by love I will forever be taken

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