Friday, 30 January 2015

This one is dedicated to everyone that is struggling with drug/alcohol related issues, I know how it feels you are not alone and you never will be for as long as I and my future family live. Is it really all worth it when all you are doing is 'Pleasing The Devil'

When you drink, it’s the devil telling you to do so. When you swear, it’s the devil encouraging you to do so. When you curse, is it not the demon’s malevolence causing you do so? You may not know this, so I will speak of it, is he not the opponent of our Heavenly Father (our creator)? Was he not once the most cherished ‘till he not only refused to abide by the word of the most beneficent, but trampled all over his honour and aimed to revolve the Holy Spirit’s believers against him?

You do know that this is the same evil one causing you to hurt yourself willingly, right? Mothers are losing their most prised possessions everyday; they’re losing their children, all because of the power they allow these indescribable actions to acquire over their everyday lives. Millions of orphans locate their selves all over the world; they have lost their will to live and often think of putting an end to it all, most of them are no-longer among us (may they forever rest in peace). But you don't think of them when you are pleasing the demon of all demons do you? You end up tearing the lives of your loved ones apart. The words that escape your cage-like lips are not those of an angel. Does it not strike you when you hear your son or daughter wanting to escape into the pain of the outside world because they would rather get hurt themselves than to see their role model, the one who went through labour for them, the one who spent nine months with the weight of a child within her womb, the one who went through hours of excruciating pain to release a child into this cruel world pull herself apart little by little?

The control you lose when you are intoxicated could cost you your entire life. So think twice before you make the same mistake again, because that could very well be the last thing you do the last breath you take. Imagine it was; how would you face our creator come the day of judgement knowing the deceit you performed against him? Think twice.

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